Hemmersbach Kids’ Family

Hemmersbach Kids’ Family is a direct action initiative of the IT-services provider Hemmersbach. We help children across the globe who live in poor conditions. Our focus is on providing the youngest with better living conditions, access to education as well as psychological and medical care. We also address our support to children’s homes and the other organisations which give aid to children.

Kids’ Family News

We conduct a lot of activities to provide aid to children. Every day we are one step closer to achieving our goals. Browse the news and get updates from Hemmersbach Kids’ Family.

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Kids’ Family India

Within our Hemmersbach Kids’ Family project in India we help orphaned and abandoned children in Bangalore by providing them with safety and care, nutrition, education and medical assistance. We offer them better opportunities to start their future life.

Kids’ Family Poland

Hemmersbach Kids’ Family project in Poland is to guarantee safety and care for children who need it. We support foster care centres, provide necessary equipment, ensure quality education and facilitate access to psychological care.